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Community Supported Agriculture

Run similar to a magazine subscription. It is a system of marketing vegetables that is intended to invite the customer to be more involved in their food system, while also supporting their local farmers. 


Why join our C.S.A?

-Peace of mind knowing we use regenerative agricultural practices and do not use any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

-Fresh is just more delicious and nutritious!

-You have a say. by starting a relationship with us you can help us grow to serve you better.

-You help support our local economy!

-Connect with how your food is grown. As a member you are always welcome to come visit for a tour or access our on the farm workshops for free.

CSA examples:


Small veggie boxes are 6-8items ($20 average value):

example of a July box: 

Spinach 1/4lb bag

Mesclun Mix Lettuce 1/4lb bag

Spring Onions

Sweet Peas




Large veggie box is 7-10 items ($30 average value):

example of July Box:

Spinach 1/2lb bag

Mesclun Mix Lettuce1/4lb bag

Spring Onions

Sweet Peas (large box)





Flower Bouquet CSA

All flowers bouquets are a selection of our own select cut flowers at a value of $20 value per week


How Does it Work?


You sign up by filling out the form below.

Select whether you would like a veggie box, flower subscription or both!

You will receive a confirmation email with an address to send an e-transfer, cheque or cash to. That's it!

Every Sunday we will send you an e-mail giving you an update of what vegetables to expect that week. You will have the option to swap two items. Delivery to your door runs for 12 weeks. Every Thursday, from June.30th till September 15th. Delivery times will be determined once our delivery route is confirmed for the season. 

If you require a special arrangement or would like to cancel your box for a week, please let us know a week in advance so that we can make accommodations.

CSA 2022 Order Form

Choose your CSA!

Thanks for submitting!

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