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Who's Your Farmers?

Sweet Pea and Seaspray: your neighbourhood co-operative

We are committed to growing healthy, quality vegetables in a way that benefits the health of our soil and our bodies.

Sweet Pea Farm is happy to be part of the Seaspray Co-Operative, made up of Seaspray Farms and Us - Sweet Pea Farm!


Here at Sweet Pea Farm, we grow Leaf Lettuce mix, Spinach, Spring Onions, Herbs, Tomatoes and much more, as well as a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers to bring you joy!

Reg Phelan, with Seaspray Farms, is our dear friend, neighbour and mentor. His farm focuses on Cole crops, and grows Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts (among other things).

Being a Co-Operative guarantees a wide variety of veggies for our customers! 


Floral Aficianado and Farm Owner- Sweet Pea Farm

Carina Phillips

Artist-Farmer turned Flower Aficionado! She can make a beautiful arrangement on your plate with as much joy as she can create a beautiful bouquet for you to carry in your hands. Making the farm attractive to beneficial insects and biodiversity is her endgame. 


Head Tinkerer and Farm Owner- Sweet Pea Farm

Byron Petrie

Inventor, papa, and full time vegetable producer.


Future Farmer- Sweet Pea Farm

Remy Petrie

Resident spinach eater, and rabble-rouser.

Seaspray Farms:


Lead Wealth-of-Knowledge and Farm Owners- Seaspray Farms

Reg Phelan and Stella Shephard 

Mentors, neighbours, friends, and designated cole crop specialists.

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